Time for a new adventure! I left San Diego County after 55 years. Retired from a 30-year career at Liberty Mutual as an executive sales rep and moved across country to a state that I knew not a soul. Talk about 3 of the top 10 stressors in life! My husband and I embarked on this leap of faith and relocated to Bluffton, South Carolina. I live in a 55+ community and I recently turned 57 years old but feel like a kid in a candy store! I am an avid golfer and have 3 golf courses in the community. There are over 100 clubs to join and I opted to start out with ceramics and pottery two of my wish list hobbies. Down the road, painting and Tai Chi are on my radar!


I try to start each day with two mantras.  BE Grateful for all the Good and the Gifts in your life AND EVERYTHING comes to me in the RIGHT TIME and RIGHT SEQUENCE.  My passion for Aromatherapy and Essential Oils started some 20 years ago when I tried to help my son who at the age of 4 had severe ADHD as well as impulse and sensory issues. I spent many years gaining knowledge from specialists and healers to help him. This in turn lead  me to realizing the importance of medical and holistic approaches in life.


I am thankful I have found a home with Young Living and with Anni Schoonover-Dayan as guide. I am thrilled to be part of the great Oil Bar. I look forward to helping friends, family, and essential oil users be their best physical, emotional, and spiritual selves.