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Essential Rewards:

Essential Rewards – a monthly, autoship order with a minimum of 50PV.


  • Helps you to gradually build an oils cabinet and try new products

  • Save on shipping.

  • Change shipping date each month according to your needs

  • Complet flexibility – every month you can change what you want to order based on your needs!

  • Earn points on each order to redeem for free product (based on a percentage of your order’s product volume)

  • Earn 10% of your order’s product volume in points for the first three consecutive months, earn 20% during months 4-24, and 25% for 24+ and thereafter on Essential Rewards

  • No risk – cancel at any time (make sure you use any available points before canceling)

  • One grace month per year – you can call and skip one month if the need arises

  • Ordering 100 PV or more on a monthly basis makes sure you are eligible for every bonus and commission given when you have others ordering under you in your downline.

  • Access to exclusive discounted Essential Rewards kits (including Thieves, Ningxia Red, A.R.T. and more.)


To Sign Up and Use Essential Rewards:


  • Log on to your Young Living account with your member number and password.

  • Click on “Essential Rewards” in the menu on the left.

  • Follow the instructions to set up your monthly order.

  • Set a date and put that date on your calendar. You want to make any final changes to your order by midnight on that date. You can change the date at any time.

  • Add any products you want to order. Remember to save your order any time you change it. You can tweak it during the month as you run out of items or discover new ones that you need.

  • Make sure your payment is always current so that your order will process on that date each month.

  • Each month after you receive your order, go in to your account and delete any products you won’t want to re-order, put in any items you already know you will want, and enjoy tweaking until your next processing date (which you can adjust according to need).

  • Don’t forget about the monthly promos earned at 190 PV, 250 PV, and 300 PV. These vary every month and are a great way to stock up on FREE oils and products.

  • Always check your order before going to bed on your processing date to make sure no items have gone out of stock bringing you below the amount of PV you wanted to order. Watch for email notifications from Young Living that stock is low on something in your cart.

  • Need to skip a month? Call Young Living and tell them to take it as your grace month. You have one every twelve months.

  • Need to cancel? DO NOT ASSUME it is cancelled unless you have called and talk to Young Living. They have stated that specifically everywhere in the information and emptying your cart will not cancel your account.

  • Sit back, relax, and wait for our goodies!


To Redeem Essential Rewards Points:


  • When you log in to your account, look to the right of the page to see your current “Essential Rewards Points Total.”

  • Redeem points (after two months on the program) for items by contacting Live Help through phone or chat.

  • You can redeem points for any product with a matching price and PV. (Lavender Oil – 23.50 PV – $23.50)

  • The max number of points you can redeem in one month is 350.

  • You cannot go over your points and pay the difference. Your total must be equal to or less than the points on your account.

  • Points cannot be used to pay for shipping of your order. You can use product credits on your account to pay for your shipping.

  • You cannot redeem points for monthly specials.

  • Point redemption orders do not earn the monthly promos.


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