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My friends have always called me their Health Coach because of my passion for health and healing and giving our bodies what they need to manifest their innate health. In my many years of exploring different arenas of healing, Young Living's pure oils are the most powerful I have found. They are an amazing introduction to people who are just beginning to explore more natural methods of healing because they are so easy to incorporate into every day life and most people can quickly see dramatic effects...and for those who are well-versed in natural healing, they make a great addition to the toolbelt. I became an avid oil user because I have always struggled with daily allergies, and Young Living's oils were were a complete game-changer for me. I then explored if oils could help my husband and I with our efforts to start a family. We had spent over 5 years trying different natural remedies as well as medical ones, and had been told by 2 specialists that IVF was our only option....we started using Young Living’s oils and oil-infused supplements and were blessed with our son a few months later - a true “miracle.” I was so grateful for oils throughout my pregnancy and with a newborn, then toddler, and I now use oils daily in my home as my "go-to" for my entire family’s health issues, during my yoga/meditation practice to help me transition and focus, and throughout my home for a healthy alternative to air fresheners and perfumes. I truly love sharing the healing benefits of these oils with my friends and family, and joining in their excitement as they have one oil "success" after another in so many areas of their lives.

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