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I am a lucky mom of two girls who are my world!  I love animals, especially our rescue puppy.  I am so proud to be an Army brat and grew up all over the U.S.  I work in the commercial real estate industry... for now!


I play soccer in a super fun Monday night league with a great group of women.  I love to ski, golf, create art and dance (yes, like nobody is watching!).  I looooove Rock-n-Roll!!  When I'm with my college girlfriends I feel like I'm 21 all over again.  I crave the water and will always live near the ocean or on a lake.  2014 is a year of change and renewal for me.  Being introduced to the oils came at such an amazing time in my life and I love that I'm choosing a healthier and natural lifestyle for me and my girls.  Then to share them with the most important people in my life, my friends and family... it's what life is all about! 


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