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Hi I am Melissa, but most people call me Mel. I am a graduate of Bastyr University with my Masters in Acupuncture and Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine. My love is helping people find health I the most natural way possible. I first was introduced to Essential oils via an elective class during my masters and immediately became infatuated with how smell could change my mood. Then I thought about how possible the energetics could work with Acupuncture points on the body, and low and behold the next day one of my teachers introduced me to a book that incorporated both. So now that is one of the things I have incorporated into my Acupuncture. I call it Scents for the points. So now I can do needleless acupuncture using essential oils With so many brands of essential oils out there it was hard to decide what oils I was going to use and had accumulated many different ones but the energetics of the oils was not what I was looking for. Then one day a very good friend of mine showed me Young Living. I had a Migraine for days and nothing was working. Not even Acupuncture. We put some Panaway on my Temples and a drop of Peppermint on the roof of my mouth. Ten minutes later, the pain had subsided to the point I was functional again. From that Day I was hooked and will never look back. I am in love with this line and can’t wait to help get everyone started on their Journey to health and happiness.

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