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Hi, I'm Sarah. I am from North Carolina, born and raised. After collage, I joined the Navy and traveled the world, visited some countries with the Navy and others for humanitarian efforts. Happily married (to the best man EVER), we have a 6 year old daughter, and decided to leave the service to put our family first. We lived on Oahu, Hawaii for a good part of our military service but have moved to Apex, North Carolina. I have the luxury of being able to walk my daughter to school and every night before tucking her in, she asks me to turn her diffuser on. Adding essential oils to our home when I left the service in fall of 2015 was the best thing to happen to our home. When I am not helping others, I love crafting and cooking. We love to cook foods from around the world, Indian curries are at the top of our favorites and it's great to use essential oils to flavor our food. I'd love to help you learn more and help you on your journey of health and wellness.

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