Hi! I recently moved to Encinitas, California from Livermore, California where I was born and raised.  After growing up there, my husband and I decided to stay and raise our family. Now, 47 years later, I am super excited to live my next chapter with my husband and 3 daughters in Encinitas by the beach. The journey was certainly an adventure, but after an incredibly tough year, I can say I am now living my best life.  Sadly, I lost my mom and my father-in-law last year - it was a incredibly rough.  This alone affected our family in a number of ways but then you add the move, Kids graduating, growing up, old sports injuries and normal life stuff - BOOM!  I knew that this next chapter was going to require some help and a change in perspective which is how I opened my heart and mind to new things.

With this new outlook, I connected with a soccer friend who also moved from Northern California. She introduced me to Young Living for my chronic back pain. I had been living on Motrin most of my adult life. I started applying oils, diffusing in our home, and also ingesting oils. We were then sleeping, my back pain was managed with the oils, we regained focus, had new energy and more.

Through perseverance to find wellness along with happiness and balance, I also found my purpose and fulfilled my passion. I am passionate about taking care of my family and friends and by sharing essential oils, I am able to fulfill my passion. I love to nurture and help others. All of which are characteristics passed on from my mother. Through the daily use of Young Living Essential Oils, I have found wellness for myself and my family. I love being a distributor of Young Living essential oils because it helps me to serve my purpose to connect with people and help them find wellness in their lives. It also allows me the flexibility to be there for my family and earn money doing something I love.