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The Young Living Difference



Essential oils are becoming very popular and it is important not only to choose the right distributor on your journey, but a company that stands behind their product.  We gathered some information but we encourage to do your own research and choose what you feel resonates with you.


Young Living was formed in 1993 by Gary and Mary Young.


DoTerra was founded in 2008 by David Stirling and former executives, employees, and distributors of Young Living, a company which also sells essential oils. David Stirling, one of the founders, is the President and CEO


I think we call all agree, all parties are huge essential oil enthusiasts!


BBB Rating:

Young Living is accredited with BBB and holds an A+ rating.


DoTerra is not accredited with BBB and holds a B rating.


Essential Oil Inventory:


Young Living carries 88 essential oils singles.


DoTerra carries 42 essential oils single.


Young Living carries 132 essential oil blends.


DoTerra carries 19 essential oil blends.




Essential Oil Production:

Young Living not only owns 8 farms worldwide but also co-ops with 5 additional farms.  Young Living is proud to set the standard for essential oil purity and authenticity by carefully monitoring the production of our oils through our unique Seed to Seal process. From the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, we apply rigorous quality controls to ensure that you are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended.


DoTerra contracts with local growers and also purchases from third party sources.  DoTerra tests and re-bottles from other sources


Think about it.  Young Living is the only company that farms their own plants.  Whether it is at their farms worldwide or co-ops, you know first hand where the plants come from and they do not use pesticides.  Research yourself.


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