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Hi, Tina here!
I live on the beautiful beaches of Cape Cod. I am a proud 5th generation native! My 12 year old daughter is my heart and my boyfriend is my partner in crime. Music is my healer and astrology is my passion. Fun fact: I am a proud Taurus! You can usually find me in the kitchen, cleaning or jammin to music! I love to be silly, sassy and sarcastic. I am in tune with other people's feelings and I take them very seriously. I am a woman in recovery. Always open-minded and working on myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I lost my father, my best friend 3 years ago. He taught me to be empathetic, kind and to always give from the heart. He always said " Tina, you keep doing what your doing and great things will come to you." For me, this means, keep doing the next right thing.

I have a passion for helping others. Over the years, I have loved taking care of the elderly, encouraging my fellows in recovery and working in all areas of customer service.

At 33 years old I came to a fork in my life. Turning right seemed to be the easy choice, but I decided to turn a hard left. I am now on the path of positive self-discovery. I am utilizing my past as a learning tool for myself and others on the same journey.

Recently, I have invited Young Living essential oils into my life. They have become a staple in my home. My boyfriend, daughter and myself are having beautiful results. They are now part of our daily routine. I am now sharing my love of these oils with anyone who wants balance and support in their lives.
I am on a mission of love, laughter, teaching and transformation.

I am conquering from within and striving to inspire others. Live, Love and give

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